Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cold outside, Hot in Kibbee

     That's right, Kibbee is officially opening it's first show of 2012 this weekend! We are hosting a group show of contemporary drawings, the event will open this Saturday, January 7th from 6-10pm. Illustrations ranging from sketches to fully rendered will be shown from a wide array of artists including pieces from Paul Rodecker, Joe Tsambiras, Karen Cleveland, Brandon Crawford,
Ashley Anderson, Melissa Faduski, Sean Abrahams, Johnathan Welsh, Kelly
O'Brien, Grace Kim, Preston Snyder, and Ben Goldman and many more! Make sure you get a chance to stop by and see the new stuff! This event will be running from the 7th until the 28th, and along with the new hours available everyone can have a chance to come through and grab a piece of their own!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kibbee Has A Blog!

     Happy New Year to all! Ringing in the New Year, Kibbee Gallery has some resolutions of its own: new hours, new shows, and, as mentioned, a brand new blog! This year is dedicated to the artwork. With the closing of the annual Holiday Group show, Nick o' Time, Kibbee has officially opened itself to the public on Thursday-Saturday from 2-6 pm. What does this mean to you? More convenient hours to come by and grab yourself some fantastic local art!
     Now that the awesome opportunity to swing by an alternative art space has been established, get excited for Kibbee's first show of the new year! We've got a really interesting show planned featuring the illustrations from a variety of artists, once again, from the local Atlana-metro area. This is what Kibbee is all about, supporting the arts and the community! 
     So, local public, here is exactly where you come in: the new blog! Let Kibbee know what you think of all the new changes.  Join our blog, share our blog, and comment on what you are interested in hearing more about. Do you want to see some teasers of the new shows coming up? Do you want to read about some of our featured artists? Let us know!